Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I’ve updated the numbers.  Although you won’t see a huge drop I am very relieved that I did not add new debt.  October was expensive.  I used the debit card WAY too much and went WAY off budget…..BUT not so far off that I used a credit card.  Whew.

Beginning today, I am back on the strict cash only and updating the budget spreadsheet.  You’ll notice that my emergency fund is back down again.  I ended up filing taxes “married, filing separately” and it cost me more money than anticipated.  I took it from the Emergency Fund.  I now have a new challenge in front of me because I adjusted my federal tax withholding to be better prepared for 2012 taxes than I was for 2011 taxes so my monthly income has been reduced by $300.  I’m making adjustments in the budget but am a bit frustrated that this means less money can go toward debt.  On the upside, I am making extra income pretty consistently with the side business.  I remain optimistic that it will always work out!

And so we head into the month of thankfulness!   If my divorce is indeed finalized this month, I will be most thankful!

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